Turning 58…

Today I turned 58. I woke up feeling no different from any other day. I got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I was looking for definite telltale  sign that today I was older. I checked out the wrinkles as I put my make up on. Everything looked pretty much as it did the last week. My hair was showing a little grey in the roots, but nothing that wasn’t there yesterday or that a visit to the salon can’t fix. The guys took me to breakfast at a local restaurant. That’s where it hit me. I was going through the menu and wasn’t finding anything that really called out to me. Everything was either meat and eggs or huge portions that I would never finish. Finally on the last page I came across the perfect choice! A smaller portioned meal just right and wow it was like 2 bucks cheaper than the giant stack of food I was going to order. I look up to the top of the menu thinking its the kid’s meal section and that’s when I see “Senior Specials”followed by “55 years and older”. Thats when it really hits me…Not only do I qualify for the senior special but I have qualified for the last 3 years!


Sitting at breakfast was suddenly awkward . I was now questioning if I should return the two piece bathing suit I had just ordered for a more age appropriate one piece. Visions of my mom in her fifties suddenly hit my brain and for a brief minute I started to get that panicking feeling.  I am 58 years old. I am a senior. I didn’t see a senior in the mirror this morning. Is that an age spot on my hand? Are these jeans too tight for a senior to wear? I look around and spot all the people I would consider “seniors”.  That woman with the oatmeal and the toast by the window, she’s definitely a senior she’s like 70 or 80!  That couple in that booth… they are  someones grandparents, they are definitely seniors. The lady in the Christmas sweater with the silver hair…now she’s a senior. The waitress came back to our table with the coffee and asked me what I would like to order. I took a quick look at the senior specials and that stack of three pancakes I was going to order and suddenly choked a bit as I asked for the mountain of fruit filled crepes. They sucked! I am older but no wiser.


I spent my birthday on a beautiful beach in Ventura, California with my family. I enjoyed the warm sun on my face and got to enjoy breathing the fresh ocean air. We had a beautiful lunch together and drove up the coast.  I am a very lucky lady who is living a pretty awesome life.  I live with a wonderful man who I love. I have Bobo and HB and life is sweet. Ok so I am not a size 4 anymore, and yes I have to wear glasses to read. I am even considered a senior. My breakfast pity party was a short-lived event. Once the coffee woke me up I quit looking for age spots and proof that I don’t look a day older than I did yesterday when I was a senior of only 57 years of age.  I am full of life and am always looking for another place to go explore. My life really is an adventure… In fact I think that next year I will do something really daring for my birthday like ordering that senior special!




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