About Me


I am a 50 something woman who is in the MIDDLE of her most amazing adventure…Life!
It started in a little town in eastern Utah. My fondest childhood memory is of living on a small farm in Green River, Utah. It was that perfect place at the perfect time in life when everything is just right.
Nothing seems to go faster than your childhood and I spent mine traveling around from Utah to New Mexico and Colorado. I had the good fortune of living in some pretty amazing places with crazy spectacular natural beauty. The southwest is magical and this part of the country will enchant anyone who visits.

Today I find myself living and working in Los Angeles, California.  I live here with the man I fell in love with  20 years ago , extended family and a very special cat named Bobo. Los Angeles is a city that really doesn’t feel like a big city at all. Though it’s huge in size, it’s really a lot of little cities and suburbs connected by the freeways. That said it’s still a fun and vibrant place to live and explore. They say if you live in Los Angeles your only an hour away from everything.  It’s true, I am an hour from the beach and hour from the mountains and snow and an hour away from the airport.

My work often takes me on some pretty fun adventures and allows me to add some fun time into my trip. Over the last decade I have been traveling to Asia quite often and that has developed into a love affair with the region and the cultures. So hurray for working trips! I can experience a thousand new adventures while making new friends and memories along the way…oh and get a little work done too!

So I am going to try and live with this new and simple idea in mind… Since I am a “little” more than half way through life, sorta kinda, I might as well as well live the hell outta whats left.

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