A Mid Life Adventure


About 72 kilometers north of Bangkok is the city of Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya was at one time the capital of Thailand and in its glory saw the reign of 33 kings from its palaces.  Prepare to travel time here as you’ll visit structures built in the 14th century when the city was founded and progress into the 18th century when it was attacked by the Burmese and then abandoned. Getting there is easier than you can imagine. Taxis, buses, train… Read More

This past October while in Bangkok we stumbled across a special spot. We’d just gotten back from Koh Samet and the weather in Bangkok was pretty unstable. One minute it was thunder and lightning then the next it was cloudy and misty. This particular afternoon it had just finished raining. We decided to venture out and explore regardless the possibility of more rain. We went out walking the neighborhood around Silom road and Decho… Read More

  I’ve always been of the opinion, that Bangkok is not an easy city for the average westerner to get to know. I think a lot has to do with its size. Bangkok is a massive city at 605 sq. miles and has a population of roughly 8 million people living in the city itself and another 12 million in the surrounding suburbs. Add to that the traffic, noise, the crowds of people and… Read More

We first discovered Koh Samet in November of 2011. We went to Bangkok despite hearing of the flooding. The city was pretty beat up from the floods and the happy-go-lucky place we knew was now shuttered up and sand bagged. Our friend there suggested we get out of the city and head over to an Island off the eastern coast of Thailand. Koh Samet is a really cool little island that is also  designated as a national… Read More

My favorite neighborhood in Bangkok Thailand can be found by going to the intersection of Si Lom Road and Thanon Pan . There you will find a beautiful mixing of cultures in a very small radius. I love the sights, smells and sounds of the area.  The intersection is home to the Sri Maja Mariamman Temple, or as it is known to Thai’s “Wat Khaek.  This beautiful colorful building was built sometime in the mid 1800’s by Tamil… Read More

Traveling to Thailand in the month of October is usually pretty good. The weather is better because the rainy season is drawing to an end. The temperatures are also much lower and it marks the start of the high season. This last October we traveled to Bangkok to check out the Vegetarian festival or Tesagan Gin Je. It did not disappoint! Bangkok was a river of yellow flags waving the joys of delicious vegetarian foods. The… Read More